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Type Stock number Description Photo
Kemper ME Maiz Wolf 230033 48-25792


single row maiz chopper / silage harvester excellent condition , min 50HP needed.  
Claas Jaguar 40 220825 - 220-11535


1 row maize chopper, pulled type, complete with grass pick-up, very nice combination.  
Ferrari planter


2 row(potato) planter,semi-automatic,2 row,row distance 75cm,hiller discs,potato stock platform,to use with small tractor. € 500,=  
-- SOLD --
Vicon fertiliser spreader


Vicon fertiliser spreader approx 300 liter capacity in good working order Euro 250  
-- SOLD --
Agromaster 4 Row Planter with fertiliser HMMF4


full mechanical 4 row planter with various discs for different size seeds. seperate fertiliser tank.  
-- SOLD --
Monosem airseeder / planter 180695


Monosem airseeder / planter , 4 row for maize , adjustable row width , with fertiliser system. 
-- SOLD --
Monosem 4 row airseeder / planter W35


Monosem 4 row airseeder / planter , in nice and good condition  
-- SOLD --
Monosem mechanical 4 row planter W32


Monosem mechanical 4 row planter , to plant beans , maiz , pees , free adjustable row width. with different plant discs for various sizes seeds.  
-- SOLD --
Axial Corn harvester , combine harvester 634376-4 2015


Axial corn harvester, special for Africa. Needs a 70-80HP tractor , capacity 40 bags per hour drive speed 5-10 km/h ,750L bunker which can be emptied within 1 minute. Leaves and stems are chopped and cracked as green fertiliser. This is a excellent quality machine and the first step in corn mechanisation for Africa.