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Type Stock number Description Photo
Cebeco weighing machine


Cebeco weighing machine, you can adjust the max weight while filling a sack or box, the weighing-machine wil shut off the elevator in front of the weighing machine. -adjustable 10kg to 75kg -mechanical specifications Price € 100,= each 
Bulk product pick-up elevator


Bulk-product pick-up elevator,for example to pick-up out of storage, potato's, onions, cereals,etc. Brand: Climax Model:CO33 Width: 33cm / 13" Electrics:3 fase,380V,50hz Price € 450,= 
Nodet wheat planter seeder


Nodet Gougis 3 meter full mechanical wheat planter seeder , 17 elements. Nice and good unit  
Miedema Structural PM40 17xxxx-2003- 403024


Miedema-Structural PM40RG, -klaar om seizoen 2017 te planten -Moncereen spuitset(compleet) -Variator -4x75cm rijafstand -30 ha per jaar geplant -geerstoppen -hydr kiepbunker -getrokken model -markeurs -reservematerialen Ideale machine om, kwaliteitsplantwerk ,onder grote capaciteit ook met lange aardappels uit te voeren. 1x Miedema-Structural PM40RG, -Ready for potatoplanting -Moncereen spraysystem -CVT-transmission -4x75cm row-distance -did 50 acres a year -independed row stops -hydr tipping bunker -trailed machine -markers -spare-parts The most perfect machine for quality potato-seeding with high capicity and longsized seed potato's  
PZ MH160 SU 2 row chopper


PZ double row maiz chopper MH160SU , for 3 point fitting behind tractor , HP 60-80 
PZ MH240 S DP0000175


PZ triple row maiz chopper , MH 240S . For 3 point mounting behind tractor. Power 80-100HP  
Taarup 101 160673 - 255609


Taarup 101 single row maiz / corn chopper, , very nice and good unit. 
Axial Corn harvester , combine harvester 634376-4 2015


Axial corn harvester, special for Africa. Needs a 70-80HP tractor , capacity 40 bags per hour drive speed 5-10 km/h ,750L bunker which can be emptied within 1 minute. Leaves and stems are chopped and cracked as green fertiliser. This is a excellent quality machine and the first step in corn mechanisation for Africa. 
Fertilizer distributor


Shuttle type.