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Type Stock number Description Photo
Nodet 15 row seeder planter


Nodet full mechanical 15 row seeder , can be used for wheat / barley or grass  
Le Simplex


LE SIMPLEX , 200CM , 13row full mechanical seeder can be used for wheat / Barley and also grass. Just pull and seed. Bullet proof. Euro 500 
New 4 row mechanical seeder


New 4 row mechanical precision seeder can be used for: corn, sunflower, cotton, sugarbeet, soybean, peanut chickpea. Total width, 2.55M (8.5Ft), working depth 0-100mm, 15.2 liter seed buckets (per row) seeding speed 7 to 9 Km/h 
DOLBI FX7000 Direct in Stuble Seeder


Direct in Stuble Seeder, also usable as standard seeder, 23 row at 19cm. With or without adding fertilizer. Ingersol one disc system, 54 speeds on seeding system - 16 speeds on fertilizer system. Operating speed up to 10KM hour, high quality and very durable seeder. Price EURO 37.500  
Kockerling AT450


4.5M seeder and harrow combination.